4EVER Esword Elite M510 ( Cat.:"B", size: S / 16" )

Child seat
€ 4,00 per day
Safety Chain Lock
€ 0,00 per day
€ 2,00 per day
Charging cable for Powerbox
€ 0,00 per day
Carrier for two e-bikes on a towball
€ 15,00 per day
Cycling Helmet
€ 2,00 per day
Bag for the rear bike carrie
€ 2,00 per day


130 Kg
23 Kg
17,5 Ah / 630 Wh
Bafang M510
Ø 100 Km
Front suspension: Vzduchová vidlice SR Suntour
Gearbox: 12S Shimano CUES RD-U6000
Brakes: Hydraulické kotoučové brzdy Shimano BR-MT201
€ 37,50 per day
 4EVER Esword Elite mountain bike with powerful Bafang M510 Unit 95 Nm motor, 630 Wh battery and small clear display. These reliable and high-quality components guarantee trouble-free operation with a realistic range of 80 - 120 km - always depending on riding conditions and how you use the assistance. Speed, distance, range, battery status and other necessary data are always on the colour display.

The 4EVER Esword Elite electric bike also features Shimano CUES RD-U6000 gears, fixed axle, BOOST technology, high quality hydraulic brakes and an excellent suspension air fork SunTour with 100 mm travel and locking from the handlebars.

The bike is designed for all fans of sporty long-distance riding and equally for fans of demanding climbs, which you can playfully handle thanks to the support of the electric motor.

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